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The University of Arizona Health Sciences continue to innovate, driving transformational change in research, education and practice, thanks to generous philanthropic support.

Philanthropy fuels our mission to serve as a leader in research and education to improve health, bringing the latest research advances to the bedside and preparing the next generation of health professionals to lead the evolution of health care.

Whether you’ve been moved by the compassionate care you’ve received or have benefitted from the breakthrough research being developed at the University of Arizona, the impact of your generosity can be measured by the improved health of communities throughout our state and around the world.

Find out how your gift can have the greatest impact. Your way.

The UA Health Sciences Development Office will guide you through every option available to support the critical mission of the UA Health Sciences. Let’s change the world together.

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Manon O'Connor

Acting Associate Vice President & Chief Development Officer | 520-626-6022

UAHS Development Office: 520-626-5752 | Toll free at 1-877-518-4638