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Furthering the Flexible Culture

Funding new programs and resources

We will equip our thinkers, leaders, and innovators with what they need to seek fresh approaches and create new solutions.

Endowed Professorships, Fellowships, and Chairs

Attracting the best and brightest faculty

Professor Adela Licona

We must create and fund the faculty and chair positions that will give us greater expertise in the fields of health, science, the arts, and more.

Business, Industry, and Research Partnerships

Advancing innovative thinking

Professor Lianyang Zhang

Through new enterprises with forward-thinking partners, we will enhance our researchers’ ability to impact the state of Arizona, the nation, and the world.

Impact Stories

Professor Nathan Cherrington

Nathan Cherrington

Professor of pharmacology and toxicology
Director of graduate studies for the College of Pharmacy

Nathan Cherrington leads a laboratory study of the non-genetic factors in peoples’ adverse drug reactions. This research hopes to identify and treat leukemia patients who could develop life-threatening reactions to a cancer-fighting drug. Ultimately, Nathan’s research will help ensure that every patient gets exactly the medicine they need in exactly the way they need it.

“Philanthropy allows us to continue doing the things that are the highest priorities within our university."

"We’re an outstanding university with top programs in several fields. Now is the time for us to decide whether the status quo is sufficient or whether we continue leading in research that will shape our world for the next hundred years.”

Rae Anne Martinez

Rae Anne Martinez

Senior Honors College student, biology

Through the molecular and cellular research she’s conducting with her professors, Rae Anne Martinez is advancing the science behind faster plant growth and breast-to-brain metastasis in cancer patients. She’s not only pushing scientific knowledge in new directions, but gaining the experience she’ll need to begin her career.

“We’ve been waiting long enough. It’s time to do it now."

"When I look at my fellow students, and I think about the investments that the UA continues to make in us, I know we have the capacity to change the world. This is the time to put the funding and the investment back into the next generation, and the generations to come.”

How to Give

All of your gifts will work to help the University of Arizona reach its goals. Whether you chose to give to a specific endeavor or program or simply donate to the campaign overall, your generosity will have an immediate and lasting impact. Thank you for believing in the UA!


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