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The Vision

We believe that there is no moment like right now for the University of Arizona.

Now is what makes every minute of the future possible. It's when our fiercest supporters rise to the occasion, our strongest champions stand even taller, and when our biggest believers see the new possibilities we'll create together. For our future, our legacy, and our place in history, what we have the power to do right now is boundless.

This comprehensive campaign—our biggest and most ambitious ever—will preserve and enhance our position as a leader in research and discovery; create new experiences for our students, faculty, fan community, and the state of Arizona; and pave the way for our next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders.

Turning these big ambitions into reality depends on each one of us. And it depends on what each of us chooses to do right now.

why Now Matters

Because together we have the power to do more now than ever before.


the University to do more.

By investing in our faculty and researchers, we’ll have the power to address today’s biggest challenges.


more of our supporters.

We call upon you, current and future donors, because new opportunities happen when we work together.


meaningful connections.

Greater engagement forges new partnerships that strengthen and expand the UA’s reach to communities across the globe.

Message from the President

President Ann Weaver Hart

Dr. Ann Weaver Hart

President of The University of Arizona

Last April we launched Arizona NOW, a comprehensive fundraising campaign distinguished by its unprecedented scope as well as its ties to Never Settle, the University of Arizona’s strategic academic and business plan. Arizona NOW and Never Settle have already begun transforming the UA so that we advance our goals as one of the nation’s premier super land-grant universities. I would like to thank our network of alumni and supporters around the world who have enabled us to reach 71 percent of our campaign goal.

Though we still have much to accomplish together, Arizona NOW has made possible many achievements by leveraging existing strengths and providing strategic support for key initiatives. Recent efforts to translate the life-saving work of the UA’s world-class biosciences programs into a more robust research portfolio, for example, represent the transformative impact of the campaign. Such efforts build an infrastructure for positive change that cuts across all elements of our mission, ensuring our values of excellence, integrity, and inclusion continue to improve the prospects and enrich the lives of the people of Arizona and around the world.

Arizona NOW has already advanced our vision for the UA’s future, and I know that with your support we will continue to be relentless in our pursuit of the boundless possibilities here at the University of Arizona.

Campaign Leadership

Following the lead of President Hart's vision for this campaign, our campaign chairs and University of Arizona Foundation President are bringing this historic undertaking to life.

Sarah Smallhouse, Campaign Chair

Sarah Smallhouse
Campaign Chair

“Arizona Now is about positioning the University of Arizona on the leading-edge of knowledge generation. It’s about demonstrating leadership in academia. It’s about attracting the best and brightest minds and the most promising researchers—and that potential is very exciting.”

Jeff A. Stevens, Campaign Chair

Jeff A. Stevens
Campaign Chair

“What makes the Arizona Now campaign truly great is the opportunity it provides for the people who love this university to get involved and make a difference in so many ways. The future is ours to own. How we invest in it today will define our destiny!”

John-Paul Roczniak

John-Paul Roczniak
President and Chief Executive Officer
The University of Arizona Foundation

"The generosity and outpouring of support from our Wildcat community has been tremendous. Together, we will ensure a bright and transformative future for the University of Arizona that enriches and improves the life of the people in Arizona and around the world."


Why "Arizona Now"?

This comprehensive campaign—our biggest and most ambitious ever—will preserve and enhance our position as a leader in research and discovery. It will create new experiences for students, faculty, fans, members of the community and the state of Arizona. And it will pave the way for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and leaders. Turning these big ambitions into reality depends on each one of us. And it depends on what each of us chooses to do right now.

What are the campaign priorities?

"Arizona Now" is about supporting the people—students, faculty and researchers—who distinguish this great institution from all others. It's about providing opportunities to excel. It's about investing in a campus where people gather to enjoy arts and culture, athletics, and life—long learning. And it's about allowing our colleges and units to identify where their supporters can make a strategic and powerful investment aligned with the University's Never Settle plan.

What is the campaign goal, and how much progress has been made so far?

Through the generosity of our donors and supporters, "Arizona Now" has raised over $1 billion of our $1.5 billion campaign goal. We're well on our way! See the Campaign Progress section of the home page for the most recent campaign total.

As a public university, why is the UA embarking on a campaign for private gifts?

Private support continues to create and enhance programs, fund cutting—edge research, build and operate facilities, and grant need—based and merit scholarships to generations of UA students. Public university revenue models continue to change. For example, the UA's funding from the state of Arizona's general fund has decreased over the last two decades. As a result, private gifts play an even greater role today.

Can I designate my campaign gift to a specific purpose?

Yes. You may designate a gift to a particular unit, college, or school, or even to a particular fund supporting an existing UA priority. Additionally, unrestricted gifts provide the university with the greatest flexibility in responding to the school's most immediate needs. Endowed gifts ensure that the UA remains a top—tier institution now, and for generations to come.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

All gifts to the University of Arizona Foundation support the UA and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law, but your financial situation and the nature of your gift may result in varying tax deductibility. You should consult with your tax attorney or advisor concerning the deductibility of your gift.


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