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New Users Guide

Charitable Grants Hub—Do you need to submit a grant proposal? Are you looking for resources to improve your proposal? Do you need foundation stewardship, cultivation, or prospect research tips and best practices? Do you want consultation and guidance on an existing grant proposal? Go to the Charitable Grants Hub to request private grantseeking services and to browse resources.

Proposal Writing Hub—Do you need a gift proposal written to an individual or corporation to accompany your verbal ask? Are you looking for writing and design templates to write your own gift proposals? Want to improve your proposal writing skills? Go to the Proposal Writing Hub to request proposal writing services, including access to proposal writing templates and writing guides.

General Fundraising Hub—Are you just beginning the process of private fundraising? Need help getting started? Looking for access to previous Grants for Lunch material and resources? Looking for development books in our Reference Library? Go to the General Fundraising Hub for resources on starting the fundraising process, general professional development, and for materials from our previous Grants for Lunch events.

Still cannot find what you are looking for? Contact the GIFT Center and we will assist in pointing you in the right direction.