Where to Support?

Donors may wish to support faculty, research student scholarships or community programs. An endowment can be named in honor of an individual, colleague, or family member, as well as an organization, foundation or corporation.

Endowed Faculty Chairs and Professorships

Endowed chairs and programs allow the UA to attract and retain faculty members who have earned national distinction in their respective fields. Endowed chairs draw outstanding scholars by creating an environment that fosters collaborative inquiry among faculty and students.

The annual payout from an endowed chair provides the researcher unrestricted funding for exploratory scientific pursuits that are pivotal to making new discoveries.


  • $1 million (minimum main campus)
  • $2 million (minimum Arizona Health Sciences)
    Supports a portion of the chair holder’s salary and can fund items such as equipment, research and publication expense.

Distinguished Visiting Professorship

Supports a portion of the chair holder’s salary during one or more semesters

Distinguished Professorship

Supports a portion of holder’s salary and may cover research and other expenses.

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Student Scholarships

An endowed scholarship can be established with a minimum gift of $25,000. When you establish a scholarship, you decide the terms of its award and administration. Use your gift to honor someone or in the name of a business, foundation or organization. Learn More.


Students and faculty throughout The University of Arizona take on a wide variety of subjects in their quest for answers to scientific and medical mysteries that vex mankind.

Unrestricted funding is one of the most powerful tools for making new discoveries that better our quality of life.

Federal grants typically contain very specific benchmarks and narrow research scopes, making tangential investigations tough to pursue.

Private research dollars enable researchers to freely test new hypotheses and conduct pilot studies that serve as catalysts for major funding proposals.

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