National Leadership Council

The National Leadership Council is a volunteer leadership group of the University of Arizona Foundation that was chartered in 2009. Members include past members of the UA Foundation Board of Trustees and other leaders who are passionate about supporting the advancement of the University of Arizona.

Specifically, members are asked to:

  • Serve as ambassadors of the UA by promoting its mission, goals, and objectives;
  • Encourage and facilitate advocacy and philanthropic support for the institution; and,
  • Provide advice and direction to UA Foundation staff with respect to the planning, direction, and focus of external philanthropic and advocacy efforts.

Members are invited to serve renewable three-year terms and to attend formal meetings up to twice per year, to learn more about the University and its priorities.

Members of the National Leadership Council receive regular communications with University updates and news announcements. Members are presented with opportunities to engage in unique campus experiences, where they will interact meaningfully with faculty and students to better prepare them to advocate on behalf of the University.

National Leadership Council Members

Francisco V. Aguilar

Rowene Aguirre-Medina

David G. Areghini

Harold W. Ashton

Paul L. Baker

Fred T. Boice

Archibald M. Brown, Jr.

Francis V. Brown

James E. Brown

Peter E. Calihan

Peter P. Chan

Robert F. Charles Jr.

G. Wallace Chester

Todd W. Chester

David D. Cone

Gregory W. Coxon

Mary Jane Crist

Gary L. Cropper

Marcus J. Dash

Jack D. Davis

Lee H. Davis

Michael A. DeBell

Beverly “June” Dempsey

Cedric W. Dempsey

Stephanie Denkowicz

Darryl B. Dobras

Mary Ann Dobras

Frederick P. DuVal

Robert A. Eckert

Slivy Edmonds Cotton

Robert A. Elliott

Lynn J. Engel

David S. Engelman

Paul David Fenske

James B. Fijan

Alexandra T. Flanagan

Lloyd C. Fox

James J. Glasser

Lesley G. Goldfarb

P. Andrew Groseta

Neal M. Gumbin

Philip W. Hagenah

Donald J. Hannan III

Gary W. Harper

Ronald D. Harper

Stanley J. Harrelson

Andrew M. Harris

Christopher M. Harris

Ann Weaver Hart

Arthur L. Herbst

Dolores A. Hillenbrand

Linn T. Hodge

G. Michael Hoover

James C. Hoselton

Tanya Hughes

James L. Hunter

Joan Kalimanis

I. Michael Kasser

Thomas W. Keating

Margot B. Kerr

Burton J. Kinerk

Cynthia L. Klingberg

Kenneth F. Kroner

Peter A. Ladigo

Kathleen “Rocky” LaRose

Helaine D. Levy

Kevin J. Lewis

Nancy C. Loftin

Humberto S. Lopez

James H. Lundy, III

S. James Manilla

Edmund F. Marquez

Jeannine M. Mason

Philip G. May

Jane G. McCollum

Elin D. Miller

John E. Miller, Jr.

Manny C. Molina

James F. Morrow

Matthew L. Muehlebach

Kathryn L. Munro

Gary M. Munsinger

Paul F. Muscenti

John D. Musil

Michael R. Myers

Ryan A. Neuweg

Allan J. Norville

Chinwe Mary Okoye

Manuel T. Pacheco

Sheryl L. Patterson

David F. Peachin

John H. Payne

Mary L. Peachin

Benjamin W. Perks

Paul W. Petersen

Charles M. Pettis

Donald W. Powell

Stephen E. Quinlan

Jeffrey A. Rein

William G. Ridenour

George Rountree

Warren S. Rustand

James M. Sakrison

Peter W. Salter

Eugene G. Sander

Helen S. Schaefer

John P. Schaefer

Tom J. Schmitt

Ralph E. Silberschlag

Craig W. Starkey

Robert M. Suarez

Joan M. Sweeney

Louise M. Thomas

Theodore G. Tong

William A. Tribolet

Pamela J. Turbeville

Terrence E. Valeski

Ronald H. Walker

Linn A. Wallace

James M. Webb

Michael K. West

Duane C. Whitaker

Ronelle G. Woolston

John A. Wyss, Jr.

Thomas A. Zlaket

Mel Zuckerman

Posthumous Members

Craig M. Berge

Roy P. Drachman

William A. Estes, Jr.

Robert F. Ingold

Thomas Kalimanis

Peter Kiewit, Jr.

Henry Koffler

Schuyler W. Lininger, Sr.

Norman P. McClelland

John R. Norton, III

Donald N. Soldwedel

Current as of March 20, 2019